For this assignment, we were tasked with redesigning elements of the classic arcade game Megaman. As a class we identified key problems with the user experience while playing Megaman through affinity mapping and user interviews. We then individually addressed these concerns using wireframes and eventually creating high-fidelity mock-ups with the information gathered. These mock-ups can be viewed below, along with descriptions of each element that is being corrected.

1. It was originally not visible when an enemy was hit by ammunition. By adding a trail to the ammunition, and subtly adjusting the color scheme of the enemy sprite when hit, it creates a more visible hit state for the player.

2. Power-Ups did not appear as a "Power-Up" to the player. By increasing size, changing color, and animating the power up, it calls more attention to the desired object.

3. Health, score, and ammo were not displayed well to the player. By adding health gauges alongside a character portrait, with ammo gauges below each health gauge, the health information is displayed in a much more effective fashion. The score is placed in the middle of the screen slightly above each gauge.

4. The platforms that Megaman stands on are too busy, and cause eye strain on the viewer. By solidifying the platforms and keeping the same color scheme, it reduces eye strain. 
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